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  1. I really feel bad for other ships

    Please, read this.

    (in response to this) we have

    • max adler, the nicest men on earth and chris colfer, the nicest chris colfer
    • a realistic story
    • consistent and coherent character development
    • we are a family, not a fanbase
    • some years on the future, we will look to our OTP and will not think “damn, that was really lame, how i used to like that?”
    • the other shippers don’t make me look bad on tumblr or twitter
    • our ship isn’t run my money and iTunes selling
    • shippers with good sense that don’t ship the actors, but the characters

    just saying…

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      I really don’t like this “holier then thou” crap from either side of this. It’s dumb, why should I feel sorry for other...
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      Are we serious? Guys, come on, I take my OTP as serious as I take food, but are we really being this rude and aggressive...
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      Because Klaine a completely unrealistic story. And because falling in love with your bully is the story of the people....
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      some years on the future, we will look to our OTP and will not think “damn, that was really lame, how i used to like...
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      OMG reasons from that link… Two hot men? That’s all you need to be satisfied with a pairing? And how can you be proud of...
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