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  1. Hi. May I have your attention for a moment, please?

    When I’m wrong, I’m wrong and I’m mature enough to admit it. What happened today was not even a big deal, what is a reason that I’m posting this now before it explode even more (and people are still reblogging the stuff).

    As I said, it was not a big deal, so I think that many of you (taking the fact that Klaine being one of the biggest ships on tumblr, I guess) don’t know what happened this morning, I’ll explain:

    When I woke up today, I found this (I don’t have the link of the original post, only this screenshot and I don’t even know who’s the OP) and then, in response, I created other post. After a couple of hours, after a reblog chain I guess, some of you guys found it and started to write back and then I think some of us wrote back again and stuff. It was not a generalized ship war or something, the post didn’t even reached 100 notes yet, but it doesn’t matter.

    Some of my assumptions there were complety obnouxious, stereotypical and rude, and for those, I’m really sorry. I was bashing you, the shippers when, I should focus on my arguments of disliking your ship. I’ll not even try to make excuses for those rude arguments, because they’re wrong, the end. The last thing that I want to start here is a ship war. I’m sorry if you read and got offended. I regognize my mistake there.

    Okay? Thanks for your attention and sorry again!

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