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  1. I finished The Hunger Games tho!


    Review under the cut. Spoilers alert!

    My expectations were really high because EVERYBODY on my dash talks about the series. Finally I got my copy last saturday and started to read immediatly. Honestly, I didn’t imagined that it would be THIS AWESOME!

    I must confess, for me the first chapters were a little confusing, mainly for the fact that we don’t know much about that apocaliptical future where the history goes on. The book is also written in first person, so we only have explanations about something or someone where it’s convenient to the plot.

    Speaking of ‘first person’, I have to talk about Katniss. She’s so awesome I wanna scream! Really, one of the most BAMF ladies that I had the pleasure to read. There moments where she does stuff that made punch the air with excitment (when she spits blood on Clove, when she throw the bugs on Cato and the others, etc)! All the awards for her! Four for her!

    The writing is really a piece of work. I don’t know how to explain, don’t wait for deep metaphors and pages of descriptions, that’s not how Suzanne writes. She writes in a really simple way, again, I don’t know how to explain. The thing is, no matter how simple is the writing, somehow you get so connected with the characters that hurts. Wanna know how connected: I didn’t cried reading a book since The Deathly Hallows. Yes, I cried reading The Hunger Games (mainly on Rue’s death).

    And no matter how cliche happens (mainly the rule changing on the middle of the Games and the "We’re changing the rules back… lol jk, u both won!"), the book always surprises and it’s not afraid to be ‘violent’, but the good thing is that it’s not that free thing on horror movies, all those gore stuff happens for a reason (a terrible reason, but still), I mean, you know that people will die, the Games is like a war!, but still, you don’t want those deaths to happen, even little actions made you cheer for the characters (Tresh and Foxface, for example)! Exceptions for Cato and Clove, I guess…

    As a Kat/Peeta shipper, the ending is forcing me to buy Catching Fire as soon as possible, I don’t know if I will be able to do it, I hope that I can buy it next week! I’m with this feeling that Gale will ruin everything and that painful deaths are coming. I’m not ready.

    I hope being able to see the other Districts, Rue’s family, more about Gale and Peeta too! Can’t wait!

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