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  1. Some considerations on ‘Hold On To Sixteen’:

    • Harmony is sophomore. So now I’ll wait for her to show up again next season, and the season after that too.
    • Jenna is flawless.
    • Sam is Clark Kent lost brother.
    • Jenna is flawless.
    • Sugar is on ND. Fucking succeed!
    • Troubletones act on Regionals? Hell to the yea!
    • Jenna is flawless.
    • I still don’t like Control, only Dianna’s intro.
    • I liked the fact that Man in the Mirror was all about Mr. Chang, make the song work even better.
    • Jenna is flawless.
    • Tike is now one of my OTPs.
    • Jenna is flawless.
    • I hate Blaine even more.
    • I love Sam even more.
    • Jenna is flawless.
    • Jenna is flawless.
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