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  1. It’s not like I hate Blaine

    I just think he is the most uninteresting character on the show and it’s been given more screentime to him than to develop plots of better characters (Santana and Brittany, Dave, Tina…)

    Sometimes, I see Blaine and the Warblers more like a comercial product than actual characters, I mean they recorded 2 extra songs just so they could use them on a spin-off CD. What was the pourpose of that? Sell. And it’s embarassing that so many people are buying this.

    Darren Criss is a good actor and singer? Yes, he is. I like Darren, he is an amazing person, talented and I wish the best for him. And the same for the Warbler guys. But Blaine Anderson is boring, is kind of unnecessary and contradicts himself.

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